Harry Potter lunch tote

My friend K uses a restaurant’s (Inchin Bamboo) take out bag as a lunch bag. This restaurant, while the food is good, has a server who often won’t take ‘Hakka noodles’ as an order. He’s constantly trying to change my order to something spicier. 1) I cannot tolerate spicy food. 2) I order off the menu. If you don’t approve of a menu item, take it off. 3). Stop making judgemental faces at customers.

So anyway, K needs a real lunch tote. Not a paper bag from a place that refuses to accept that I like what I like. Because she is a Harry Potter / Gryffindor fan, made it burgundy and gold.

The plan

The materials:

  • Burgundy cotton duck canvas (exterior)
  • Insul-Shine fabric (lining)
  • gold poly webbing
  • dark yellow zipper

Attached the 6” sides to the center of the main lining piece.

Sewed the 9.5” sides to the main piece to complete the lining. At this point forgot to leave one section unsewn to allow for turning the bag right side out so had to rip the seams later.

Finished lining

For the outer piece, added a pocket to one of the sides. Folded a 6” 10” piece in half and sewed to a side.

Sewed the 2 side pieces to the center piece.

Sewed the exterior like the lining.

Folded 2 6” by 13” pieces in half and folded the edges in. Sandwiched the zipper and top stitched. So annoyed – was not paying enough attention and used a brighter yellow zip instead of the darker / more gold color.

Used the Cricut Maker to cut out some Harry Potter themed iron ons. I’m particularly fond of the tubby Hedwig.

The Siser heat transfer vinyl works pretty well.

They turned out cute.

Ironed them on to the exterior with the transfer on the bottom. This worked so much better than the transfer on top of the canvas.

Basted the straps 2” from each end. Also added d rings on the sides for the crossbody strap.

Basted the zip to the lining. (Which was not a good idea – need to rethink this next time )

Turned the exterior inside out and put inside of the lining. Considering the zip opening wasn’t that large, caused bunching. Getting the edges to match cleanly was impossible.

Zo just watched patiently while internally monolguing about how this started out promisingly but was heading towards disappointment.

Flipped the exterior right side out and sewed the hole in the lining used for turning. Used invisible thread which worked well to hide the seam.

The finished product turned out okay.

Because of the bunching when sewing the lining to the exterior, the corners are not clean.

Tried to fix them but to no avail. Sigh.

The pocket has the 9 3/4.

Severus’s patronus is on the other side.

And a tubby Hedwig is on the back.

The interior is v shiny.

Added a tiara charm. Like Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem.

Co and Zo had to examine it.

They thought it was okay.

They are both wearing Gryffindor ties though Zo seems more Slytherin and Coco, Hufflepuff.

In conclusion, this looks cute from a distance but close up, a bit of a mess. Would find a different way to attach the zip piece to the top next time. Also, this was supposed to have a recessed top (the lining was an inch shorter than the exterior) and that def didn’t happen. Also, hate that I used the wrong zip.

Fortunately K seems satisfied.

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