Berry scones

Lately it’s been all about tea and scones.

Trader Joe’s has a berry scone mix.  The box makes 12 but can make 1 at a time by stirring  38 grams of mix with 14 grams of water.

Co was hopeful these would make good scones.

Double checking the instructions to make sure water is all that is needed.

They were pretty awful.

They looked fine but once slightly cooled, they were rock hard.  The flavor was… bad.   And sad.   Oddly chemically sweet.

Needing berry scone redemption, made Smitten Kitchen’s scones.

Using a mini prep isn’t a great idea – the ingredients barely fit.   But too lazy to get out the full size food processor.

Substituted dried blueberries and strawberries for currants.

Patted into a rectangular shape.

Cut into 16 triangles and brushed the tops with cream.

Baked for 12 minutes.   The recipe called for 8 scones but these were half the size.   Would stop baking at around 10 to 11 minutes next time.

These were so much better than the mix.


Recipe used:

dreamy cream scones

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