The Handmaid’s Tale / Tail attempt

The Handmaid’s Tale is a fitting show for my mood (and the mood of many) right now.

The materials:

  • red fabric
  • white fabric
  • eye hook
  • double sided interfacing

The planning:

For Coco’s one year jubilee, made her a royal cape.

For the handmaid cloak, need the front to meet in a straight vertical line instead of crossing.

This was the pattern for the jubilee cape:

Instead of a sharp corner, went with more of a circle skirt pattern so the cloak is about the same length neck to floor.

Only had about 1/4 yard of the red fabric so did not cut a lining.

Used Mimi and Tara’s hood pattern as a base and cut out 2 pieces for the hood.  Matched the curve of the cloak with the curve of the base of the hood.


Pinned the cloak and hood together and sewed.

For the bonnet used the same hood pattern.

Cut 4 of these – 2 for the lining, 2 for the outer layer.

For the bonnet brim, lined the edge of the bonnet and traced a large … spearhead shape?

Finished bonnet and cloak.

Coco looks kinda like an air freshener?

More pope than handmaiden?

Zo expressing her feelings on oppression and patriarchy.

Very Little Red Riding Hood.    If Little Red Riding Hood looked like the wolf.

Just don’t call her Ofandrew.

Would rate this project a 2.5 out of 10.    Despite planning so many things went wrong.

  • not enough fabric.  linings always make garments look better
  • hood pattern was wrong
  • brim was waaay too big.  had to trim about a third off
  • double sided interfacing just isn’t practical for the brim
  • did not take seam allowances into account enough

Meh.   Chalking this project up as a learning experience.

Next time, include the green section in the pattern so it slopes into the cloak neckline.  With the existing pattern, there is a puckering in the back that just looks bad.


Pattern used:

Dog Hoodie patterns


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