Vintage vibe bucket crossbody

The dogs’ dad’s sister’s daughter (ie my niece), L, recently graduated from high school and has started college.  Having known about her graduation for months, have been trying to figure out what to make.

On attempt 6, finally made something decent enough to gift.

L’s mom posted a pic of her college dorm room which was decorated in pale greys and pinks.  So even if she doesn’t use this as a bag, could be part of the decor or storage.

The plan:

The fabrics:

This beaded overlay is so pretty.

Makes Co look a bit Miss Havisham.

Layered the beaded tulle over the faux grey leather.

Trimmed the beads off around the edges to prevent the sewing machine needle from breaking.

Top stitched the tulle to the suede.

Made the base by cutting a piece of suede 8’ by 10”, ironing on interfacing, and folding in half length wise.

Wanted only 1 seam so sewed to the tulle’s edge.  Next time, would move it about half an inch inwards to allow for a decent seam allowance.

Sewed around the base and finished the side seam.

Made the lining in the same grey faux suede in the same way.

Put the exterior of the bag inside the lining, right sides facing together, basted the tabs with the d-rings, and sewed the top.

Flipped right side out and closed the hole in the lining used for turning.

The lining was a bit bigger than the exterior so it looks…  baggy?  ill-fitting?  Hoping it isn’t too noticeable when the drawstring bag is inside.

Marked the center of the tab and added rivet.

Co channeling her inner Audrey from Funny Face in the suede.  (Auntie K said she looks like Daenerys)


For the drawstring, sewed the edges.

Sewed the base to the center of the 14” by 11” pale pink satin.

Sewed the other side to the base.

Boxed the corners.

Made the lining with 2 pieces of 14” by 9” and the 10”by 4” base.  Didn’t use any interfacing because the satin was pretty heavy.

Folded over the exterior piece 1” to create the casing and inserted the lining.  Top stitched.

Added a drawstring and 2 stoppers.  When the strings are pulled to close the bag, because the satin is so thick, about half the bag remains open.

So made a pink fur zip bag.

Zo looking dramatic with pink faux fur.

Fabrics used:

With L’s school’s mascot being the Dutchman, wanted to use this tulip print fabric.  (cause Netherlands = tulips)

Made a 9” by 4” by 9” zip tote.

With a too small to be practical pocket in the lining.

Used a moderately heavy interfacing.

Added a bicycle charm.  (my mental pic of Netherlands includes people biking).

Prob would have been better if the top of the bag was wider.

Zo got bored.

She thought about trying  her paw at sewing.

Finished – kinda.

It needed one more thing so added a windmill made of maroon felt.

It was inspired by Hermes’ windmill charm:–windmill-anemoneplomb-taurillon-clemenceepsom-188035

When a rivet and string were added in the middle, it didn’t work.  The rivet didn’t go in straight because of the string and after ruining 3 windmills, went with a grommet instead.

Added a faux leather cord.

It turned out cute but had to glue the folds down a little.

Included some gifts in the bag:

Cute pens, post its, a facial scrubber among other things:

Of course Co looked for treats.

Co got tired of Zo getting her pic taken.



The previous attempts:

Wanted to make a foldover crossbody but tried a new way to insert a zip and it just looked bulky/ messy.

The tabs for strap were misaligned on this foldover crossbody.

Tried a circle bag but it was more of a squished oval…

Thought triangle would be interesting.  But the dogs’ dad said with the pale grey color, this looked like a KKK hood.  Which is def not a good look for a college student.  Or anyone in general.

Attempt 5 was going for a tan faux leather square.  But wasn’t sure the color was right.

None of these have been completed.  At some point may go back and finish them but not for a while.  Kinda tired of looking at this right now.

In conclusion, this whole process took waaay longer than expected mostly because couldn’t figure out a design or a color scheme.  The dogs’ auntie D kept saying ‘make her something practical’ but I am not a good judge of what is practical for a college student.  But the end result turned out okay.  I hope.

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