Yorkshire terrier tote

The dogs’ Auntie C is a yorkie mom and a big fan of Zoey. So thought she’d get a kick out of a Zoey inspired tote.


  • Natural cotton canvas
  • Cotton llama print (because they look like Co and she needs her part of this bag)
  • 2 yards of 1.5 inch straps – each strap is 36”
  • red zipper

Co and Zo liked the llamas. With the glasses, Co could pass for a llama.

The plan:

Had originally planned the bag to be 14” tall by 12” wide by 4” deep but since the canvas fabric was 36” wide and tall, made the bag closer to 15.5” tall. Wanted the canvas to fold inside to make it look a little cleaner.

Cut the canvas 36” by 16”. Folded in half and cut out a 2” by 2” square (since the fabric was folded, was 2” by 4”). Realized that a little seam allowance is nice so made the other side’s cut out 2” by 1-7/8”.

Cut the lining to be 32” by 16” and cut out the same rectangles.

Cut a 9” by 12” rectangle out of the canvas for a zip pocket. Added 1/2” zip tabs and sewed the zipper to one edge of the rectangle.

Sewed the other side. Decided not to line it ‘cause mistakenly thought this fabric wouldn’t fray.

It frayed a bit. Next time would hem the ends if not lining.

Pinned the edges and sewed them. Flipped it right side out and basted to the top of the lining.

Cut a 8” by 15” rectangle of the lining, ironed on a light interfacing, folded in half, and sewed a simple pocket. Topstitched to the other side of the lining.

Sewed the edges of the lining, leaving a large hole on one side for turning.

Sewed the sides and the base of the canvas. Basted the straps 2”in from the ends at the top of the canvas.

Measured 1” from the top edge of the canvas in the center and added a magnetic clasp.

Zo got tired of waiting for this project to end.

Placed the canvas tote inside of the lining, outsides facing with the straps inside. Sewed them together.

Marked a spot 1” from the top and 3/4” in for the rivets.

Turned the bag right side out and sewed the lining hole closed.

The scissors are in the simple pocket.

Didn’t top stitch the entire top of the bag, only the straps. Not a fan of top stitching but maybe should?

Aligned and marked the yorkie decal. The decal was leftover from a t shirt project for Zoey.

Ironed it on. The mouth got screwed up a bit.

Zo examined the yorkie. Is it cuter than her?

The bag is big enough for her.

This turned out pretty cute. I do wonder if having a separate piece for the base would have been better? But when there are no seams, it is easier to fold and store so both designs have their advantages. Also originally thought to iron on a light interfacing to the canvas but thought it was sturdy enough without.

Hope Auntie C finds a use for it.

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