Apricot financiers

Spent the day in DC and while trying to get to Chaplin, a ramen place with an old fashioned bar vibe, from Chinatown walked by a pastry  shop  called Maison  Keyser.

They had beautiful desserts so picked up a couple of financiers (raspberry and pistachio).

They had a cute yet disappointing (for Zo co) sign.

Zo was hoping their bag contained some doggy treats.

She inspected the bag very closely.

There weren’t any treats.

The financiers were so good, decided to try making some.

Wanted to use almond paste because love almond paste cookies and had not worked with it previously.

Used this recipe:

Apricot Financiers

Co had to examine the package.  This recipe uses 2 of these so was not an inexpensive cookie.

Made the batter and let it rest in the fridge overnight.

It seemed to thicken and darken a bit.

Brushed melted butter into the molds and poured in the batter.

Which was a pretty terrible idea because the madeleines stuck to the pan and came out only with a spoon in multiple pieces.

But at this stage had thought they would turn out well.

Sprinkled raw sugar on top.

They looked cute.  Too bad they were stuck in the pan.

The leftover batter went into cupcake papers.

These worked much better.

Their bottoms were a bit burnt.  Should have lowered the temp or used 2 baking sheets.

The apricot ones were a bit smaller than the store bought.  But both were quite good.

Next time maybe will add larger chunks of apricot on top or add more in the batter – wanted to use 2 cans of apricots instead of 1.5.

Also, wonder if anyone makes canned peeled apricots.  Or maybe peeling isn’t necessary for this recipe?  That was prob the most time consuming part of this recipe.

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