Cheese crackers

I hate cheese.   I hate the way it smells, the way it melts into the lines of your fingertips and then the smell lingers even after washing your hands. […]

Lemon Earl Grey Cookies

I’ve been trying to incorporate various teas in my baking for a while but haven’t found the right recipe where the tea isn’t overwhelmed.    While this makes a very […]

Caramel and chocolate chip blondie

I’ve always like brownies but blondies…   seemed like chocolate chip cookies except you couldn’t be bothered to form individual cookies.   However recently I’ve seen the light.   Become […]

Key lime coconut white chocolate bars

i never know whether brownies made of white chocolate can still be called brownies.   Without brown sugar, they can’t be blondies.    But ‘brownie’ seems reserved for milk or […]

Valentine’s Day dress part 2

Happy Valentine’s Day! A few posts back, made a Valentine’s Day dress for  Coco.  It is Zoey’s turn. The material: pink satin with red velvet hearts pink lace Cut out […]

Valentine’s Day heart hat

Valentine’s Day is coming up and Zo and Co need to figure out their outfits for their greeting card.  So heart shaped hats might be cute. The materials: pink satin […]

Valentine’s Day dress part 1

Zoey and Coco have been invited to a Valentine’s Day party and need new dresses.  For Coco’s went with a tutu skirt and a Peter Pan collar top. Planning: This […]

The Seven Year Itch

Coco’s apricot curly fur sometimes resembles Marilyn Monroe’s blonde locks.  So decided she needs something similar to the iconic white dress in The Seven Year Itch,   The plan: The […]