Channeling my inner Lara

According to the Phil the groundhog, 6 more weeks of winter are on the way.   So…. fur hats are necessary.

Can’t say I like Dr. Zhivago, but the clothes in both versions (Julie Christie and Keira Knightly) are impressive.   And there is something alluring about those fur hats.

Fabric used:

  • black faux fur
  •  blue for the lining
  • cream faux fur
  • yellow and white chevron for the lining

Used this adorable yorkie mug (thanks Kavitha) with a diameter of 9.5 cm for the pattern for the black hat.

The height is 3 inches so made a rectangle of 30cm by 3 inches. (Not really a good idea to mix metric with imperial system but …)

After making the black one, decided bigger is better.   The cream hat has a diameter of 5 inches and a height of 4 inches.

Zoey looks a little like Yuri?


Coco in her faux leopard coat looks like Lara.



Tutorial used:


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