Felt flower bag

My colleague, K, has a niece, M, she adores.  A couple of months back M celebrated her 4th birthday.  Because I can’t seem to make anything in a timely manner, finally getting around to making a birthday gift.

M is a big fan of Disney movies; her current love is Tangled so made her a bag in Rapunzel’s color scheme.

Haven’t seen the movie but saw an image possibly from the movie where Rapunzel has flowers (daisies?) in her hair so wanted to use felt flowers.

Used purple/violet and pink shades and this tutorial https://www.howjoyful.com/daisy-tutorial-and-pattern/

These daisies turned out really bad.  If the petals had been more uniform they would have looked better?

Tried making rosettes instead.

Cut out 10 circles out of felt with pinking shears.  (Used a cup to trace circles)

Note:  if padded pinking shears are available, buy those instead of the regular ones.  The ones without a soft grip can hurt when cutting through 3 or 4 layers of felt.

Folded the circles twice and sewed onto a felt base.

Sewed a second layer and added a 9th circle folded 4 times on the top.

Added a jeweled button and rose quartz beads.

The jeweled buttons looked better than the rose quartz so remade them.  They turned out better than the daisies.

Zo looks cute with a flower.

For the bag used violet faux fur and a purple butterfly fabric lining.

Co looks fabulous in the lining fabric.

Added a simple pocket , 6” by 3” to the lining.

Sewed the base to the faux fur. (And trimmed the rectangles into trapezoids)

Hand sewed one of the flowers just to see what it looks like.  (Didn’t add the others because they may get in the way when sewing the zip.)

Added tabs to the ends of the zipper and sewed it to the outer fabric.

Sewed the lining to the zip.

Sewed the other flowers and pinned a pocket to the side without the flowers.

The pocket didn’t turn out well – maybe didn’t cut it straight enough so the edge wasn’t sewn in correctly.  Tried to fix it by top stitching it closed but it looks kinda… messy.  Hoping M doesn’t look too closely at it.

While trying to sew through 4 layers of fur and 2 layers of interfacing broke a needle.

Made tabs for the 1/2 inch d-rings.

Basted the tabs close to the zip.

Sewed the sides together except for the base in the lining to allow for turning right side out.

This fabric frayed.  A lot.

Sewed the lining closed.

The bag ended up about 9” by 5” by 3”.

The shape of the flowers look a lil like Mickey Mouse?

For the strap used this pink beaded chain.

Attached the clasps with jump rings.

The dogs’ dad soldered the jump rings closed.

Added an Eiffel Tower charm to the zip (it is close enough to the tower where Rapunzel was held?).

Interior (the pocket contains the chain strap).


Co looked for treats.

Zo looked for them as well.

She didn’t find any.

Zo wants M to know if could be a pillow.

In conclusion, this turned out pretty cute.  There were some problems with the construction and wonder if the chain strap would be comfortable to hold.  Maybe should make a fabric strap as well.  The chain is 18” – that may be too long for her?  But could be a shoulder strap?

Maybe the interfacing was a bit too heavy for a young child?  Prob could weigh less to make it easier for her to use.



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