Merida inspired tote bag

My colleague and friend, K, had a birthday this weekend so made a Merida from Brave inspired tote bag for her.  While her niece loves Rapunzel, Merida is K’s favorite […]

Cardstock hydrangeas

A work colleague is getting married soon so the dogs’ Auntie D is throwing her a surprise bridal shower. And to help, made some paper hydrangeas and coffee filter peonies. […]

Felt flower bag

My colleague, K, has a niece, M, she adores.  A couple of months back M celebrated her 4th birthday.  Because I can’t seem to make anything in a timely manner, […]

Mermaid dress or merdog

Coco came into our lives on 2016.09.15.  To celebrate her second anniversary/ sweet 16, made her a merdog dress. At 16 she’s still a spunky little dog. The plan: Wish […]

Cherry cake

Had some cherries leftover so made a simple cake.  Unlike the cherry brownies, used fresh (not roasted) cherries – which worked well.  Not really sure the roasting did anything in […]

Vintage vibe bucket crossbody

The dogs’ dad’s sister’s daughter (ie my niece), L, recently graduated from high school and has started college.  Having known about her graduation for months, have been trying to figure […]

Transparent bag

Have been intrigued by the transparent bag trend but wasn’t sure about the practicality.  Until I saw this: Shirley Bag Clear | Tan Croc Embossed Not into animal print or […]

Apricot financiers

Spent the day in DC and while trying to get to Chaplin, a ramen place with an old fashioned bar vibe, from Chinatown walked by a pastry  shop  called Maison […]

Headbands as costumes

August is finally over (not that you could tell judging by the last 4 days’ 90+ degree weather).  The stores are already bringing out Halloween costumes. Headbands make super easy […]

Cherry brownies

An Aldi opened up a few days ago down the street and they had all of their produce half off.  Including cherries.  Ended up with about 3 pounds for under […]